5 Types of videos you need to build your brand

Are you struggling to engage with your target market? Is your brand lost in a sea of similar brands? Video content will help your business stand out. Here are 5 types of videos all businesses need to build their brand, increase profits and gain their customers’ trust.

1. The FAQs Video

Think about all the questions you get asked regularly by your prospects and customers. They all come to you with the same questions about your products and services and you answer the same questions day in, day out.

Putting them all in a video will save you a massive amount of time. But consider also how reassuring it is for your customers to have access to a video that preemptively responds to frequently asked questions about the product or service they are about to purchase. 

You will win their confidence and trust before they have even picked up the phone.

2. The Meet-the-Team Video

You have put together a team of awesome people! But your customers don’t know them and can’t appreciate how special they are. A 60-second introduction video provides a quick bio for each member of your team.

This allows your prospects to put a face to the person they will interact with and to learn each team member’s story and professional experience. They gain a better understanding of how each one of your employees can help them, and their confidence in your brand increases tenfold.

These short bio videos are a great addition to each team member’s email signature. But they can also be a part of a longer video that introduces the entire work force of your company.

3. The product/services video

The Product/Services video showcases the most important features of the products you are selling and demonstrates the service you provide to your customers.

When you highlight the benefits of your products and services, your sales will skyrocket. In fact, according to SEO expert Neil Patel, the conversion rate of a Product/Services Video is 144%!

Woman presenting product video

4. Testimonials, or Your Customer’s Journey Video

Everyone’s website is splattered with quick testimonials from their customers that state their appreciation for the product or service. But video can help you take this further!


Take the time to relate the full story of your customer’s entire journey, from start to finish, in their own words. You may think your customers don’t want to share their story, but many will be delighted to share their experience with others if you ask them.

Show the world, and prospective customers, how you have made a difference to your current customers’ lives.

5. Your unique selling point video

Many companies claim that they are the best at one thing or another. What makes your brand different? What is your unique selling point. Let’s work out how to showcase this claim visually. And let’s create a compelling video brand statement that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Which of these 5 videos do you want to implement first? Let’s create the visual impact you need to stand out from the crowd, increase sales and raise your profits.

Unique Selling Point Diagram