Social media goals for a winning social media strategy

Social media have become so much more competitive and complex than they used to be. It can feel overwhelming.

Before you can achieve success you have to first define what this success means for you. Any brand can enjoy a winning social media strategy, if it takes the time to formulate its social media goals.  

Even if you are not ready (yet!) to collaborate with us professionally, we still want you to win. So here is is a list of possible goals to help you start to develop an effective social media strategy.

1. Increase brand awareness

 This is just a fancy way of saying you need to make your name better known. To In other words, you want your current and your future customers to be familiar with your brand and to have faith in the brand values you stand for. 

To achieve authentic brand awareness, avoid publishing content that is strictly promotional. The promotiona should be mainly indirect. A side effect of the brand awareness you are creating rather than a driver of it.  So how can you achieve that? Create content that emphasizes your values first.

2. Generate leads and sales

 Whether online or in-store, followers don’t make purchases because of luck. Clever marketing gently leads them towards the product or service they want. For example, you should alert your customers to new products and special offers. 

3. Grow your brand’s audience

Drawing new followers to your social accounts means finding ways to introduce your brand to people who have never heard of you before.

Growing your brand’s audience also means determining which conversations around your business or industry matter most. This means monitoring specific hashtags and keywords. Although there are tools that make this easier, this takes time. Howeverm it’s a worthwhile investment because it will ultimately enable you to reach your core audience faster and to stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Raise community engagement

Feel free to experiment! Start exploring different ways to grab your followers’ attention.  Make changes to your content and your messaging. 

Even something simple, such as asking a question, can increase your engagement rate tenfold. Just remember that the same rules apply to social media as they do in real life: to engage people’s attention you have to give them something to do. You want to show them that you value them as customers for their input, not just their money. 

5. Drive traffic to your site

If you make driving traffic to your website ot eshop your highest priority social media will deliver. This is where judicious investment in paid  promotional posts and ads can prove very useful. 

However, do make sure you keep an eye on conversions and link clicks so you can stay on top of your retirn of investment (ROI) from social media.

Gaining some clarity on your brand goals will inform the content you post and even the frequency of posting, as well as the monetary and time investment that goes into social media. Your goals will also help you better understand which networks to focus on too. 

Just remember to keep your social media goals straightforward. And don’t spread yourself too think. Focus on one or two and stick with them. Then re-evaluate when you have feedback data to inform your decision-making.