Social Media Videos: Olympus Winery

Social Media videos are short, fast and highly shareable. They have a direct impact on brand visibility and they are an excellent way of promoting products and services. 

Olympus Winery is a subsidiary of ETKO Winery, which was founded in 1844 and is the oldest wine producing company on the island. They are reknowned for its award-winning Commandaria. On the other hand, Olympus Winery itself is a vibrant and young  company. It is known for modern, pioneering wines and cutting-edge vinification techniques. 

From the start, there was a duality in the personality of this brand. So, we made sure our video campaigns captured both facets of the company: traditional vs modern; luxurious vs well-priced. 


April Fool's Video

April Fool's Video Screenshot

We created an April Fool’s video that cites a non-existent study from a non-existent university which supposedly claims that playing violin music to grapes results in better wine. 

The video further claims that Olympus Winery has hired a full-time a violinist to serenade the grapes for best results, and further proposes two of the company’s real, best selling wines. The wine descriptors are written in authentic sounding wine jargon with the word “notes” having a double meaning, as it refers to both music and wine aromas. 

The video is delivered in a deadpan manner, with the joke only admitted to right at the end. 

Explainer Video: How To Place an Online Order

To encourage the more traditional, older customers of Olympus Winery to use the online shop more, we created a video that demostrates the process of placing an order online. 

Rather than a straighforward screen capture that simply shows what to click to make an order, we dressed the process in a relatable story of an older couple who have an upcoming anniversary. One partner has momentarily forgotten but is able to quickly save the day by placing a wine order in seconds. 

The video ends on a positive note, showing the couple enjoying an anniversary dinner at home with wine that was delivered on time and with no hassle.  

Explainer video screenshot

Product Videos

Olympus Winery well-priced chardonnay screenshot

Olympus Winery produces a range of well-priced, modern wines that are fun to drink and very versatile. 

We created a series of short, fast-paced social media videos to promote each product. Each video focuses on how the product will make the consumer feel. One video shows a quick food recipe that results in an unusual but intriguing pairing.

Another video emphasises the versatility of another wine by showing a range of different food matches.

A third video has a happy, party vibe, emphasising the many different occasions this wine would be perfect for.  

Commandaria Wine is a luxury dessert wine and the oldest appellation wine in the world. It produced under the label of the parent company ETKO. 

The image of Commandaria is very traditional as it is strongly associated with the Knights Templar and Hospitaller, who popularised it in Medieval times. 

We wanted to preserve its  reputation as a serious, collectible, cellar worthy wine. At the same time, we wanted to bring its image up to date by emphasising its luxurious character rather than its historical roots.  

Olympus Winery luxurious Commandaria wine


Olympus Winery Facebook Performace after the first month
Olympus Winery Video Performance

In just one month the visibility and engagement for Olympus Winery on Facebook drastically increased. 

More than 7000 people were reached, marking a 5588% increase compared to the previous month. 

Nearly 1500 people engaged with the posts, marking a staggering 12308% increase. 

Potential customers began to Like and Follow the page, at an 860% increase. 

Moreover, video views went from effectively zero to nearly 1000, marking an impressive 527% rise.