Cyprus Wineries association video about cyprus wine

Cyprus Wineries Association

This short video was created for the Cyprus Wineries Association to be used as part of their campaign to promote Cyprus wine abroad.

The Cyprus Wineries Association is a collective of the majority of winemakers in Cyprus, whose aim is the further promotion of Cyprus wine both on the island and abroad, as well as the establishment of a Cypriot wine identity in the international wine scene.  

To best serve these goals the Association focuses its efforts on emphasizing the high quality of Cyprus wine, as well as the unique terroir and the gifted people that serve the Cyprus wine scene.  This promotional video was commissioned to support these aims. 


The video had to be created to specific requirements that were captured during a one-to-one session with a key member of the Association’s committee. 

In particular, the Cyprus Wineries Association expressed an interest in the creation of a video that would raise awareness about the wine of Cyprus before an international audience. The video needed to emphasise the competitiver advantages of Cyprus wine. 

The target audience of this video was neither wine experts (such as sommeliers or masters of wine) nor wine enthusiasts amongst the general public. Rather, the target audience was importers. So, the video essentially had to distill potential selling points of Cyprus wine that would persuade potential buyers to consider it. 

The timeline was short. The video had to be ready in less than 10 days, including revisions. As a result, a combination of stock and original footage was used. 

Key points covered by the video

This is a fast moving video that captures the most pertinent and shareable facts about Cyprus wine in under two minutes. 

  • Terroir, including soil types, high altitudes and extended periods of sunshine
  • Indigenous Cyprus grape varieties
  • Grape growing regions
  • Wine tasting profiles
  • Phylloxera free vines