Promotional brand package: CyHerbia

Our promotional brand package includes a video interview that highlights brand values and shares your business goals and vision for the future. We combine it with a write-up article that is published online on a high-traffic website, for maximum exposure. We offered CyHerbia Botanical Park a double promotional brand package. 

CyHerbia Botanical Park is a great place to visit with friends or family. It features 9 themed herb gardens, a hedge maze, a lavender labyrinth and a forest planted in the shape of the island of Cyprus. Many wonderful herb-based products are available to purchase there too.

Bird's Eye View of CyHerbia Botanical Park

Promotional brand video #1

The first promotional brand video we created for CyHerbia is an interview with the owner and founder Miranda Tringis. 

Miranda relates the inspirational story of how the botanical park was created, the struggles she and her husband faced but also their vision for the future. 

She outlines the many benefits visitos and customers experience after visiting the park and using their products.

An article based on the video was published on the popular website The Life Winners.

Promotional Brand Video #1: The filming challenges

We filmed on location, in the heart of the CyHerbia Botanical park. The outdoors surroundings were beautiful but presented us with some filming challenges. Specifically on location filming at CyHerbia invloved:

  • variable lighting conditions through tree leaves and branches
  • background nature sounds including the breeze and bird tweeting

Video and audio post production processing on Adobe Premier Pro evened out the light variability and reduced significantly the background noise without reducing the clarity of the interviewee’s and interviewer’s voices.

Miranda Tringis of CyHerbia being interviewed behind the scenes

Promotional Brand Video #2

The second promotional brand video we created for CyHerbia is an interview with Melina Tringis, the Head of Digital Marketing for CyHerbia. 

Melina shares her early beginnings as a young enterpreneur and the ever increasing challenges she has had to face as CyHerbia became more and more successful year on year. 

She outlines CyHerbia’s unique selling point, the factors that have contributed to the botanical park’s success but also their determination to give back to the community in many different ways. 


Last but not least, Melina shares how she and the CyHerbia team managed the crisis brought on b y the Covid-19 Pandemic and the impact on the business of government measures such as Lockdown, that kept CyHerbia closed for long periods of time. 

She ends the interview with some advice to young entrepreneurs that urges them to enjoy the process rather than obsess about the goal. 

A second article based on this interview was published on a different website, Spherical Approach.  

CyHerbia Head of Digital Merketing, Melina Tringis, being interviewed

Promotional Brand Video #2 filming challenges

The second interview was filmed indoors. Overall, it was easier to control for light and sound. 

  • light conditions were constant but there was not enough natural white light
  • no background noise but a small problem with echo.

Video and audio post production processing on Adobe Premier Pro increased exposure, corrected for white balance and colour corrected for a much improved video quality. Similarly, minimal sound pricessing enhanced clarity. 

Promotional Package OUtcome

This brand promotional project was certainly an enjoyable experience, It reinforced the importance of video and audio basics. (Check out this article for some useful tips if you are not yet ready for our professional services)

The owner and founder of CyHerbia Botanical Park, Miranda Tringis, was delighted with the outcome of this promotional video and article package.  


"Des knows exactly what it is that is required for a business. She gets straight into the heart of a business and in what makes a particular business stand out, what makes you tick. And she really knows how to translate that into her video productions. So, thank you Des, for a lovely collaboration."