The demand for good online content keeps rising. As more and more people spend the majority of their time online, there is ever greater demand on companies to create great content that will compete for the attention and ultimately engage these ever-increasing online users. Can your brand meet this demand? And could hiring a content writer help? Absolutely. 

advantages of hiring a professional content writer

Working with a professional content writer will help you create better content, much faster. Good content will then help you increase your traffic from search engines as well as engage your audience. This will help your brand be recognised as an authority in your industry. Outsourcing content creation is easier and less expensive than loading this responsibility onto team members who are usy with other tasks. A professional can also  provide you with a better result, even on technical topics such as law or finance. There is just one catch: you have to gire the right person. 

Why hire des telemachou?

I am an experienced and qualified content writer and I pride myself on providing my clients with a trouble-free experience and targeted content that gets results. I offer a hands-on service that will meet every aspect of your content writing needs, including research, writing, editing and SEO optimisation. I help all brands, companies and individuals, to create content, such as blog articles, web content, press releases, product descriptions, and more. I am experienced in writing content optimized for the web and understand SEO best practices.


" I would really like to recommend Des for any content writing, including proof-reading, because she is professional, trustworthy, genuine and also friendly."